Sunday, 14 February 2010

Busy weekend

After a long long time I dedicated almost a whole weekend to the Whitewater again. It all started with my friend finally getting the DMD controller back in order. It's been out since these events. It's been all my fault really. I am almost ashamed to tell, but I put the wrong transistor on the Q6 position. I gotta be more careful the next time.

Anyway, here's the result (taken with the phone):

The working display gave me a true rush, so spent almost entire weekend working on the machine. I did the following.

First, I cleaned, repaired and reinstalled the Disaster drop ramp. I also installed the ramp protector and new lock target in front of it. I could not find the originals, but the green ones from TZ look much better than the orange ones.

Then, I replaced the Hot Foot targets with the new ones, both yellow.


Then I disassembled the entire upper playfield, cleaned it thoroughly, fixed what was needed and re fitted it to the machine

I know Bigfoots are not supposed to be very neat animals, but mine is. He's ready for a hot date with the Bigfoot lady now.

I also cleaned and re fitted the Spine chiller ramp and installed a protector for it also.
Before cleaning:

...and after cleaning

Lock targets before

and after, with protectors

and this is where I stand at the moment.

I am determined, that I'll get it in the playing condition next weekend. I just hope I'll find the time to go home.

I will report.

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