Sunday, 3 January 2010

Home for the hollidays

Indeed, I had an opportunity to spent an entire week near to my Whitewater. I wasn't dealing with it for the whole time, but I definitely made same progress. What I did was the following:
  • Finished the cleaning of the upper part of bottom playfield
  • Replace the rubbers with the new ones
  • Replaced all the broken flashers
  • Cleaned all the bottom pathways and places where the ball is moving underneath the playfield
  • Cleaned all the lamps and replaced the broken ones.
  • Cleaned the lamp PCB s.
  • Cleaned the entire bottom of the lower playfield
  • Fixed the broken bounce back target
  • Started fixing the disaster drop ramp
  • Even took some before and after pics. Here they are:




This concludes at least a couple of chapters of the cleaning story. I wasn't naming the blogs properly, but I'll try to sum it up here:

Chapter one - stripping down the playfield
Chapter two - cleaning the upper part of the lower playfield
Chapter three - cleaning the bottom part of the lower playfield (here you are)
Chapter four - cleaning the upper playfield (not yet started)
Chapter five - cleaning and re fitting the ramps (not yet started)
Chapter six - cleaning the cabinet (not yet started)
Chapter seven - I bet something will show up (not yet started)

This is how I plan the things will take place, but we'll see what the time brings.

Oh, and happy new year to all.