Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Beginning

What to say in my first blog?

I guess it would be nice to introduce myself briefly.
Well. I'm 31, I'm a computer engineer from Slovenia and I love Pinball.
I guess I'm a Pinball lover ever since I can remember. My Pinball playing days go way back to early 90's where I spent most of my pocket money playing Funhouse in a local bar.
This passion got me into buying my first pinball machine in 2002. It was a 1992 Williams White Water, that paved the road to my pinball repairing knowledge. I kept it for a couple of years and then a exchanged for a Hurricane. What a mistake it was. After a while, Hurricane turned into a dust shelve and I kinda forgot about playing pinball.
My passion reignited in the end of 2008 when a friend of mine got himself The Addams Family. It remembered me how much fun pinball actually is so I wiped the dust of the Hurricane and started to play again. I also started tracking the Slovenian pinball market and soon I found just the thing for me. It was a pretty beat up 1993 Star trek the next generation at a very decent price. I bought it and it took me almost half a year to rebuild it completely. Unfortunately it didn't occur to me that restoring it would be a nice topic for blog but anyway. I'll try to make it up with this one.

The story that I'll try to cover here begins a couple of weeks ago when me and a friend of mine decided to check out all the bars in our region that used to have pinballs to see if there are any left. About hour or so into the action we entered a bar in Dravograd and stumbled upon a sad scene. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it, but there it was. 1992 Williams White Water, all dusty, dirty and broken. After a close examination I realized that it is not just any White water but THE White water, my actual first pinball. I instantly decided that I want it back, no matter what. So I called the guy and I asked him if he wants his Hurricane back. He just said: "Sure, no problem".

A week later White water was back where it belongs. In my basement.

And this is where this blog begins. I'll do my best to cover all the aspects of getting a pinball that was very poorly taken care for back into top playing condition.

Wish me luck ;).

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  1. Hey, best of luck with your blog. It's hard work to start with, but visitors will come and then it all seems worthwhile! Thanks for the link!

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