Friday, 14 August 2009


Let me start with a picture.

Here it is. My white water.
Finally I'm back with it and I have some time on my hands to examine it closely. Naturally, the first thing to do is to install the DMD controller and check what the self diagnostics have to say.
Here's what came up:
* Check switch 57 - Canyon main
* Check switch 73 - Hot foot upper
Looks pretty good. It might be in better shape than I anticipated. A closer look showed that a couple of solder joints are broken. Piece of cake.

What about the other stuff? Here's what i found up:

1. Faded right side of the cabinet

I don't know what I'm going to do about this one. Perhaps one day, I'll invest in new decals.

2. Only four working waterfall ramps
I guess replacing the bulbs should do it. The current bulbs are not #194 , but some sort of weird 12V car light bulbs. No wonder they're all broken.

3. Broken (and horribly fixed) disaster drop ramp

Luckily the missing bit was still inside the cabinet. I guess some gluing and installing a ramp protectors will do the job.

4. Broken bigfoot ramp

I' guess I'll have to improvise here a bit.

5. Wrong lock switches, wrong hot foot switches

I'll order the correct ones if I'm able to find them

6. Broken plastics on the boulder garden

I'll order the new ones, if I find a store that sells them separately

7. Bigfoot's head is not spinning
It seems that motor is spinning and that the optos are working. Looks like just the head isn't attached properly.

8. Broken light kickback switch

I also find this one inside the cabinet. I'll try to glue it back

9. Some weak solenoids
Some cleaning should fix this ones.

10. Some rubber rings are missing, the others are in quite a bad shape.
I'll just replace them all

11. Very, very dirty
I'll put it to pieces an clean it thoroughly.

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