Sunday, 7 March 2010

I got me a game room

As the title says. Finally, I've managed to obtain a place that will suite my pinball needs once and forall(or at least until I reach the rooms threshold). Due to the fact that I currently own only two pinball machines, this will probably take some time. The "Game room" as I've called it shoud hold 5-6 pinballs with ease. You've seen the rate at what I've been putting the machines together, so this will do it for at least a couple of years.

Thanks mom & dad.

Since a game room with only one game (for now) looked a bit sad, a friend of mine decided to move his Addams family to my place. This was kinda special experience. You don't drive a pinball machine on a trolley on a busy road every day ;):

Our common dream to have our machines at one place has finally came true:

Star Trek (that failed again last week, btw), will probably join them soon.


  1. Lepo to da si uredil gaming room - to je tudi moja pobožna želja :) drugače pa sem videl Funhouse na bolhi za ugodno ceno - preveri!


  2. Those are some great pictures! I am looking for some arcade machines for sale to create my own little game room for my son and daughter. Do you have any tips, or ideas, or just companies to maybe overall deal with during my game room construction?